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This FREE mobile app may be the answer to your urinary incontinence woes!

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

A group of researchers from Sweden has developed a mobile app (Tät) that has been proven to effectively help people who suffer from stress urinary incontinence. They ran a randomised controlled trial with 123 women and the results were impressive.

Stress incontinence can be fixed by doing pelvic floor exercises and this app can help.

The group of women who used the app had a significant reduction in symptoms and an increase in quality of life after 3 months. They were also able to reduce the number of incontinence aids that they had to use per week. With regards to patient satisfaction, 96.7% of the women experienced the application as “good” or “very good”, and 100% would recommend the treatment programme to a friend.

So what does this magical app do?

It guides you through an exercise programme. Most cases of stress urinary incontinence in women can be improved if you can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Don't be put off by the word "exercise".

You have to understand, that while we use the word “exercise” to describe these manoeuvres, you’re very unlikely to break into a sweat when doing them. In fact, you can be doing them in the middle of a room full of people and no one will know it!

The video below must be the funniest but also most informative explanation of how the pelvic floor works that I have ever come across. It is well worth a watch!

The app provides you with detailed descriptions, including pictures, of the exercises you should do and also how you should progress them. Actually, it is just one exercise, but they progress it by making you do it at a different speed and strength.

For the first 3 month period, you have to do the pelvic floor exercises 3 times a day. Once you have reached a satisfactory result, you can then reduce your practice time to a maintenance dose of 3 times a week.

The app explains the exercises and helps you to do them right.

If you suffer from urinary incontinence this app is a no brainer

You can download the Tät app for free from the Play Store.

What I like about the app:

  1. It allows you to set reminders on your phone to vibrate when it is time for your pelvic floor exercises.

  2. It pauses the exercise if someone phones while you are busy with them.

  3. It has a very clear explanation of how the pelvic floor functions and how to do the exercise.

  4. It has an “intensity” bar that guides you to do the exercise at the correct strength and speed and for the correct number of seconds. It also counts down the rest period between exercises.

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About the Author

Maryke Louw is a chartered physiotherapist with more than 15 years' experience and a Masters Degree in Sports Injury Management. Follow her on LinkedIn or ReasearchGate.


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