Frequently asked questions

How Do I Buy $POKELON Tokens?

1: Download a wallet; Trust Wallet or Metamask (either one is fine). 2: Get some Smart Chain BNB on your wallet. You could get it on the wallet directly or send it from a centralised exchange like Binance or Coinbase. 3: Copy our token address, which you can find on either our website or in the pinned messages on the telegram group chat. 4: Visit PancakeSwap on your wallet and click on “V2” on the bottom part of your screen. 5: Set slippage to 12 percent by clicking on the options button at the top next to “Exchange”. If 12 percent doesn’t work for you increase it gradually till it works. 6: Select BNB as the first option to swap from and paste our token address in the second option to swap to. Congratulations, you have $POKELON! How to see your coin on trust wallet after buying: Go to add custom token and fill in the information. Name: Symbol: $POKELON Network: BSC (smart chain) Decimal: 9 Contract:0x781dB23d430E7Dc3908FF4b2830246e3Bc8842d8

How do I catch Pokelon NFT Cards?

The first step is to make sure you’ve joined our Telegram Community. For now, all Pokelon must be caught there. Check the top of the website to see if there are any holographic NFT giveaways happening. If there are, be sure to be in the Telegram at that time and await instructions! Various type of giveaway events will be happening every week, but being in the Telegram is the best way to keep in the know!

How Do I Earn Gym Badges?

Gym Badges will be launching the week of 05/21/20. You can learn more about Gym Badges here.

Are you worried about a Cease & Desist?

True Pokelon Trainers are never scared. $POKELON is a parody and has not intended as a competitor or serious alternative to any particular intellectual property.