What our patients say

Don’t read this review. Don’t read this if you don’t want your life changed for the better. That is exactly what will happen if you work with Maryke. As a former Boston marathon finisher & cross country coach, I found myself desperately looking for answers to an injury that prevented me from running for over a year.  I found the Sports Injury Physio YouTube channel and had a glimmer of hope.  I then took the plunge with online consulting.  I was skeptical to use online consulting without a physical therapist being able to manually addressed my injuries, but I could not have been more wrong.  From our first online assessment, to multiple weekly check ins throughout the year, I can say it’s the most superior and individualized treatment I’ve ever received. Through it, I gained strength, a greater awareness of my body, and an assurance that a compassionate and knowledgeable individual has my long-term interests in mind.  I can’t say thank you enough. - Matt Nie (USA) September 2020

I am an endurance athlete and I’ve dealt with myriad injuries over the years. Maryke is by far the most helpful physical therapist I’ve ever worked with. After suffering for nearly a year with a troublesome Baker’s cyst due to multiple meniscus tears, I read an article Maryke had published regarding knee injuries and contacted her for a consultation. Within days of my initial consultation, the pain and swelling in my knee began to subside. My knee had been painful and swollen for so many months, so this was nothing short of miraculous. We continued to work together, slowly strengthening my muscles and the results have far, far exceeded my expectations. I was worried that my love of endurance sports was going to be shelved, but my work with Maryke has shown me that this doesn’t have to be the case. I find the Skype sessions to be really convenient and she responds to emails promptly and thoughtfully. The rehab work she recommended got results and it was not tedious and tiresome as so many of my other physical therapy experiences have been. - Clotho (Azerbaijan) January 2018

I’m so impressed with Maryke’s knowledge and level of support. Within 45 minutes, she had identified my problem and set me on the road to recovery with a series of targeted stretches. Emails were responded to promptly and I never felt like a nuisance. I highly recommend this service. - Andrew Shield (UK) July 2017

After suffering from a severe height fall that resulted a spine injury – an L4 compression fracture, I was in need of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. Miss Maryke was kind enough to design a rehab programme that best suited my needs. I got dramatic improvements in terms of body flexibility. The skype sessions were great and effective. - I. Rhashad (Bangladesh) December 2016

Excellent on line consultation. Maryke was very professional and her diagnosis was spot on, my GP confirmed everything she had said to me. Her recommendations have set me on the road to recovery and hopefully I’ll be back to running in the near future. - Michael James (UK) November 2016

My name is Alex M. and I’m from Romania. Four years ago I was diagnosed with lower back problems at the L5-S1 disc. After trying almost everything, NSAID, all types of pills and many therapies all around the country, I finally found Maryke. Within a few weeks I was a new man.
From barely being able to sit or walk for more than 5 minutes in the last few years, now, only after a few weeks I can do whatever I want. I can walk for as long as I want and I can cycle all day. For me, meeting Maryke was life-changing. She is one of the most helpful and warm-hearted people I have ever met.
It only took a quick but extremely effective Skype consultation to understand everything I needed to do. I don’t think there are words to thank Maryke for how much she helped me. - Alex M (Romania) November 2016


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