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Laurent Le Bosse


Laurent is a strength and conditioning coach and a plant-based performance consultant.


He worked, for more than 10 years, with elite athletes in Europe and Canada. In Miami, he trained many recreational sport athletes and high school teenagers who desired to be accepted to elite colleges through a specific sport .


He is a runner, rock climber, and a specialist in strength training for a variety of sports. With a degree in Exercise Science and Sport Nutrition he has over 30 years experience in both industries.


He became vegan 9 years ago and felt, first hand, the incredible health and performance benefits during his training. He incorporated plant-based nutrition for many of his clients and witnessed the gains in performance and recovery. He has performed plant-based workshops in different states of the USA.


Laurent has made it his mission to learn everything about plant-based performance to help others transition in an optimal way. Now based in France, Laurent trains and consults clients in different countries via the webcam. He speaks English and French.

Who does he help and how?


He works with athletes in different individual sports, and has trained runners, boxers, and bodybuilder athletes.  He specializes in endurance sports and predominantly works with runners and cyclists.


  • Brevet d’état d’éducateur sportif/BS Exercise Science (1er degré)  - France

  • Diplôme Fédéral IFBB Entraîneur de club/Federation Bodybuilding Trainer (2eme degré) - Tahiti

  • Certificat d’entraineur musculation/Personal Trainer Certificate - Canada

  • Certificat diététique sportive/Sport Nutrition Certificate - Canada

  • Certified physical therapy aide - USA

Contact Laurent

Laurent trains and consults clients anywhere in the world via the webcam.



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