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Caroline Marlow

PhD., C.Psychol., AFBPsS, (HCPC Registered).​


Caroline is a personable and experienced Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist who specialises in the psychology of performance, wellbeing and injury/pain management.  Her 25 year career as a university lecturer, consultant and published researcher, has given her understanding of how best to support you and to find solutions that work.  

Who does she help and how?


Caroline supports recreational to professional/Olympic level athletes to:

  • Mentally manage injury and pain.

  • Achieve optimal performance.

  • Cope and thrive through changes in their sporting career and retirement.


Guided by research and best practice, Caroline aims to build a trusting relationship so that you can work together to find your best solutions. In your first session, Caroline will help you outline your specific situation, needs and preferences. Thereafter, her positive and proactive support will help you find the methods, control and confidence that you need to move forward and succeed.

Injury and Pain Management Psychology

Advances in neuroscience, tell us that how we think and feel about an injury or pain can:

  • Affect how well and quickly we recover from acute injury/pain.

  • Lead acute injury/pain to become chronic pain.

  • Lead to chronic pain without any obvious physical damage.


Everyone experiences injury and pain differently, and only you know how it feels and affects you. Caroline can help you make sense of what you are experiencing, and guide you through the psychological processes needed for you to return to normal life as quickly as possible or to live a fulfilling life despite any continuing restrictions.


Her overall aims are to: strengthen your control of the injury/pain rehabilitation process, improve your ability to manage pain, and to protect and promote your psychological wellbeing. How this is achieved depends on your needs, but might include to:  

  • Break any cycle of negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

  • Develop and stick to a care plan of helpful habits.

  • Gain better support by helping you to talk to others about your experience and needs.

  • Develop strategies so that you can look forward positively and with purpose.


Achieving Optimal Performance


World-class performance may look effortless, but anyone who wants to perform at their best, i.e., with technical and tactical efficiency, must consistently optimise their use of physical and mental energy, day in, day out, in both training and competition. You also need you to look after and value yourself as a person.


Caroline’s support depends on your needs, but might include to:

  • Develop a winning mind-set with a strong self-belief and unshakeable confidence.

  • Develop an appropriate focus strategy without negative or distracting thoughts.

  • Control arousal levels - Reducing nerves, or becoming relaxed or invigorated.

  • Develop effective motivational strategies and goals.

  • Rediscover your sporting passion.

  • Develop effective leadership skills.


Athlete Career Change and Retirement Support

Athletes experience many career changes. Some are wanted and expected in terms of time and outcome, others are not. Some expected changes never happen. All bring challenges that can affect your performance, your wellbeing, and ultimately, your confidence in who you are.


Caroline can help you prepare for and cope with these challenges so that you can optimise your ability to achieve your goals and to live a fulfilled life. How she supports you depends on your needs, but might include to:

  • Effectively plan and prepare for foreseeable changes.

  • Identify, transfer and develop effective life and coping skills.

  • Optimise your social support.

  • Help you come to terms with your career changes, successes and failures.

  • Help you discover what is important and to become who you want to be.


  • PhD Sport Psychology

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • BSc Sport Science (Hons)

  • Level  1 and 2 Narrative Therapy

Professional Regulatory Bodies


​Caroline is registered with the:

  • British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow.

  • Health & Care Professional Council UK

Contact Caroline

Caroline can support you wherever you are in the world (except America and Canada), but for her support to work, it is essential that you understand and speak English fluently.



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